Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Pink Collar Life

If you haven't heard of The Pink Collar Life before now, then where have you been!?

Bought to you by the blonde bombshells, Ashlyn Coco and Tara MiSioux,  this formidable duo have created a Golden Age nostalgic lifestyle blog ; collaborating with the biggest brands within the mid century culture and delving into historical American attractions.

With backgrounds in fashion design, marketing, cosmetology and photography, it was no surprise the Pink Collar Gals have now opened their own online shop, offering a beautiful selection of headwear, handbags and jewellery all with impeccable references to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Picking just a few items as an end of year treat was difficult with the vast selection on offer!
I opted for the Lili's Leopard Turban and Sweater Girl Starburst Brooch, shipping from the USA was reasonable at $20 / £13 , and to my surprise my package arrived straight through the letterbox only five days after being shipped.

Every item for sale has a detailed description and a little piece of history to accompany it, as if you needed an excuse to purchase!

Lilli's Leopard Turban - $38/ £26

As modelled on the website by Tara, this gorgeous Emerald green turban with gem encrusted leopard was inspired by the burlesque bombshell Lili St. Cyr - once the highest paid stripper in America.


The range of headwear is completely versatile as all adornments can be removed and used as a brooch or interchanged with the other turbans.

Sweater Girl Starburst Brooch - $32 / £22

Perfect for starlets fond of the Sweater Girl look this golden brooch with a large rhinestone encrusted atomic star,chain and a smaller star, compliments both sweaters as a brooch or for cardigans as a clip.

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