Sunday, 15 November 2015

NEC Classic Motor Show

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest of Speedking to the NEC Classic Motor Show.

In the history of the show founded in 1984, this was to be it's biggest event, staged over three days with over 2500 classic cars and 650 exhibitors.

Wearing Freddies Of Pinewood, The Original Bad Girl & Vivien Of Holloway

With five fully packed out halls, you would need to be there when the doors open to see it all, plus, you need to allow time to do that awkward shuffle of a crowd all going in the same direction.

However, walking round the halls and looking at lines of range rovers and vauxhalls, it became apparent that 'classic cars' is a broad description, and subjective to each person. Apart from the american classics in The Pavilion, I wouldn't have said there were a lot of classic cars there; but in fairness my background is hot rod, customs and drag racing, so you make of it what you will, based on your perception of what makes a classic car. 

The advert states 'share your passion for cars' and it was five halls dedicated to all subcultures of motorsport, so something for all the family.

One word of advice, avoid spending your time walking to 'traders village', unless you're after car sponges, cheap earrings and all manner of items that have no relevance to classic cars...

The view of Hall 2 from the top of the Speedking double decker bus




Travelling light ; inside an Austin Dorset