Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wardrobe Saviour - The Original Bad Girl

Type in 1950's clothing on Google and you'll find 2,460,000 search results, ranging from vintage to reproduction clothing, and of course, polka dot full circle dresses. The vintage  / pin up / 1950's clothing industry has boomed over recent years as the demand for retro style clothing increases on a global scale.

With 'mid century' era clothing now a growing mass market, it can become diluted with hundreds of companies appearing to offer a wide range of items but only really offering the same reproduction clothing as their competitors.

Then along came The Original Bad Girl (TOBG) to breathe much needed fresh air into the industry with their original Bad Girl designs.

These are no ordinary designs, and to class them as such de values the work the company has put in to becoming the fore front in Bad Girl clothing.

When you look at the designs, you can see the time , effort and hours of research that has gone into their creation, giving us vintage vixens the most authentic, and limited edition clothing possible.



 The collection so far from left to right ; The Beat Girl , Honey , Mystery Girl , BB , JD Maroon , Racer T , JD Stripe , Lost Love & Golden Glamour.


In years to come I can see TOBG pieces being sought after on etsy and ebay, so start your collection today and don't miss out on these limited edition pieces! 

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