Friday, 8 May 2015

Jungle Pam - The Ultimate Pit Girl

When you think of iconic women from drag racing history, Jungle Pam will probably be the first lady to come to mind.

After meeting Jim Liberman walking down a road in 1972, she skipped the college course she was accepted for and hit the road to tour with Jungle Jim in the 70's.

Pam backed up Jungle Jim's funny car, but would take on pit duties filling the block with water and packing the parachutes after every run.


"Drag racers are a
close fraternity"

This photo shows how different drag racing is ; nowadays you wouldn't be able to stand next to a car burning out without wearing more protection for your skin from stray gravel and rubber.



Backing up Jungle Jim as the crowd look on

Although many will only see Jungle Pam as a 'pin up' in the drag racing world, she is so much more.

She has inspired thousands of women worldwide to dip their toe into the drag racing world, and enable them to find their place within the sport , whether it be backing up cars, taking on pit girl duties, or getting in the driver's seat.

Pam is still a prominent figure in modern day drag racing with her involvement in Auto World Legends of the Quarter Mile Drag Race Set , and still attends the track to enjoy some 1/8th mile action.

As you might have guessed by now she is the inspiration behind 'Jungle Pat', I hope I'm doing her some justice!