Monday, 20 April 2015

Vintage Finds - Dorothy Thorpe Whiskey Tumblers

Most identifiable as the glasses used for office drinks in Mad Men, with the end of the series just around the corner, these glasses are more popular than ever.

The iconic glasses were designed by Dorothy Thorpe, who had no formal training and started designing at home by customising beer bottles. Her career in glassware design was launched when an early prototype she gave to her brother, who worked at MGM, was spotted by Clark Gable and he ordered six dozen.   

The tumblers featured in Mad Men have the recognisable thick silver rim at the top of the glass, and were also known as 'Roly Poly' glasses. If you try to tip them over, or knock them after one too many whiskeys, the glass will always return to standing upright due to the heavy weight of the base of the glass, perfect for any drink spillers!

Don Draper's infamous drinks trolley with the roly poly tumblers and the front cover of Mad Men Season 3.

After searching Etsy & Ebay, the glasses can be found quite easily, but cheaply, is another matter. Most sellers on both sites are USA based which brings up the cost with postage, any custom fees, and also running the risk of the glasses turning up chipped, or smashed completely.

So I lucked in when narrowing my search down to UK only and found one set of four from a lovely seller on eBay, for only £30, I clicked buy it now and the glasses turned up within two days. No buyer's regret for me, who fancies a drink?