Sunday, 1 March 2015

Vintage Finds - 1950's Cocktail Dress

I had been keeping an eye on this dress in my favourties section on Etsy for weeks, but didn't have an occasion to warrant my bank account taking a hit. Luckily, an annual work party turned up on the calendar giving me enough justification to buy it, and using the same reasoning as other vintage vixens ; it's a one off so I better buy it now!

Wear It Again Etsy - over 250 beautiful vintage pieces ranging from $25-$397 (but the high end prices are for the likes of Lilli Diamond pieces), something for every budget and no customs fee.

The subtle detailing of the sheer top section needed to be shown off so I opted to wear my hair up, something I'm slowly trying to do more, but I can't resist a good brush out!

I followed Flamingo Amy's Beehive Tutorial and just tweaked it slightly so the hair rolled into two curls at the back, which is trickier than I imagined, but turned out better than expected!

The dress is now a firm favourite in my vintage collection, it's the perfect wiggle dress, though does need some repairs now as it did split slightly, but I'll blame that on my dancing!