Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sweater Girl Saturday - Diana Dors

Diana Dors - 23/10/1934 - AKA - Diana Mary Fluck

 English Actress and Pin Up of the 1950's.

Born in Swindon, at the age of 14 she attended the London Academy Of Music And Dramatic Art becoming the youngest ever student.

Dors was married three times, her second husband, Dennis Hamilton, who used Diana's appeal to his advantage publishing 'Diana Dors 3D: The Ultimate British Sex Symbol' which contained semi nude photos of Diana, and 3D glasses.

Diana left her estimated £2 million fortune to her son Mark Dawson, she gave him a sheet of paper with a code which would lead to the money's whereabouts.  Her last husband, Alan Lake, had the key to the fortune but shot himself dead , leaving Mark with an apparent unsolveable code. It was later cracked by computer forensic specialists but the location of the money still remains unknown.

Here's a look at some of Diana's best Sweater Girl moments...