Sunday, 8 February 2015

Vintage Finds - 1954 Beauty School Book

Standard Textbook Of Cosmetology - Del Kader French School Of Beauty Culture

Something I bought back in 2013 when I stumbled across it on eBay, I paid £29 including shipping from America, I mainly bought it because I had never come across something like it before and thought it might give me some tips on 1950's styling, make up, hair and skincare.

I didn't quite grasp the full context of the book from the eBay description, however I soon learnt that as it was a textbook for a beauty school, it covers everything from how to greet a client to the hairstyles suited to different face shapes.

The textbook dates to 1954 and the inside pages are even signed by the owner's classmates which adds a lovely personal touch, and somewhat authenticates the book.

It's one of my most prized vintage possessions, so here's a sneak peek inside... 


The hunt for another one continues!