Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Underneath The Sweater

The Sweater Girl look, made famous by Lana Turner and other screen sirens of the mid century era is one all vintage vixens should try and it will be soon become a wardrobe staple.

With the right bra and top it provides a flattering shape and detracts away from a simple top and trouser combination looking too 'modern', but gives a subtle nod to a bygone shape and style.

So far I have only tried Gossard's Retrolution half padded bra to achieve the look as I wanted to dip my toe into the style before splurging on a bullet bra, which can give too much of a pointy look!

Gossard Retrolution Half Padded Bra - Black

The stitching on these bras helps to create a subtle but authentic bullet bra look, (without taking out anyone's eyes or attracting too many strange looks), allowing you to achieve a great vintage silhouette.

Gossard Retrolution Half Padded Bra - Blush

What's even better is that both of these are currently available for only £18 each on Gossard's website, they are £36 from other suppliers.

I would definitely recommend these bras for anyone wanting to try the style without rivalling Mamie Van Doren just yet, and check out the whole Retrolution range to complete the look!