Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sweater Girl Saturday - Mamie Van Doren

 Mamie Van Doren - 06/02/1931- AKA - Joan Lucille Olander

American actress, model and singer, one of the 'Three M's' of the mid century era - Marilyn, Mamie & Mansfield.

Mamie was the first woman to sing rock n roll in a Hollywood musical , Untamed Youth , and her career saw her in supporting roles in A list films to leading roles in B list films. Though like many actresses of the era, their appearance caused more talk than their acting skills, and she was often mistaken for Marilyn Monroe.

Mamie's onscreen wardrobe even caused the Catholic Church to officially express their disapproval. A total Bad Girl!

Here she is showing why she is one of the top Sweater Girls of all time...

Mamie measured 36 - 22.5 - 35.5

A perfect combination, sweater, short shorts and vinyl!

A selection of prints, which can be autographed are available from her website